2014 Pujo


Notun Golpo

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About Us

Founded in 1974 by the people of Bengali origin in Metro-Detroit area, Bichitra Inc. is a charitable, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Bengali culture in Detroit and neighboring communities in Michigan. The organization sponsors several socio-cultural, religious and philanthropic events throughout the year such as community picnic and sports, Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja with youth art and talent show, member get-together during general body election, as well as occasional musical concerts and such. These events are open to all. To support the annual operation, Bichitra Inc. relies mostly on donations from patron families, corporate and area businesses. Its day to day operations are performed by the elected executives and dedicated community volunteers. The organization also regularly collaborates with other sister Bengali organizations, and Indo-American cultural organizations in the Greater Detroit and Michigan communities. We welcome everybody interested in Bengali culture regardless of ethnicity or religion to join us as we share and promote the rich Bengali culture and traditions... outside India. 

We are eager to capture your feedback/comments on our activities. Please feel free to send our executive commmitte an email from here...


Please donate generously for The Bichitra Education Fund. This helps promote education as a genuine concern and focus of our organization for our younger generation. Please contact our executive committee for details. In keeping with its socio-cultural, religious and charitable mission, each year Bichitra Inc. supports charitable causes in India and USA .