Please donate generously for The Bichitra Education Fund. This helps promote education as a genuine concern and focus of our organization for our younger generation. Please contact our executive committee for details. In keeping with its socio-cultural, religious and charitable mission, each year Bichitra Inc. supports charitable causes in India and USA . 

Notun Golpo

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About Us

From The 2015 President - Niladri Das

Greetings to all Bichitra Inc. members, family and friends.

It is my pleasure to introduce the Bichitra Inc. Executive Committee for the year 2015-2016. The committee consists of Niladri Das (President), Sankha Das (Vice President), Leema Bose (Treasurer), Shashank Joshi (General Secretary), sub-committee heads are Rita Bhattacharyya (Entertainment), Sumi Mukherjee (Pujo), Sharbari Maitra-Joshi (Venue), Saikat Dey (Fund Raising) and Abhijit Biswas (Brochure).

The team has already started the work to keep alive our cultural traditions and to bring you the community events that we all love and cherish so much. This year we would like to get back to basics, strengthen charity events, aim for increased participation, and build connection with our younger generation while doing what we all love, that is Adda, Adda, Adda then Cricket, khawa-dawa and cultural events. To that end we will need your help and active participation to make it all a grand success. We are planning on all the regular events and a few more.  We have many exiting events planned throughout the year, it will start with BichitraInc ‘BPL’ cricket, followed by charity event, Picnic, BichitraInc ‘Masters’ golf, Durga pujo, Pous Mela/Holiday Party, 2nd Charity event, Swaraswati Pujo and GBM. As you see, we are planning a full roster of events for the year.

You will shortly see communication regarding these events and dates for planning purpose. Please help us with your enthusiasm and participation to make this year a success since without you there is no Bichitra Inc.


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